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Crowns & Onlays

Repairing Teeth - Crowns and Onlays in Tunbridge Wells

Teeth become weakened through decay and perhaps previous old-fashioned dental treatment exacerbate the problem by the out-moded placement of wide fillings. These wide cavities leave thin walls of tooth-structure, which, under repeated chewing cause microscopic cracks that may eventually lead to the fracture of the tooth.

In cases where the fracture leaves too little tooth to hold a filling, the successful restoration of the tooth may require Crowns or Onlays in order to achieve a tooth strong enough not to break again.

Modern dental materials are available to produce All-Ceramic and Composite tooth-coloured crowns and Onlays that are extremely life-like, making those ‘chalky’ and false-looking crowns that leave a black rim at the gum line obsolete.

However, there are some situations where Fine Gold (high Gold content) alloys are extremely beneficial and your dentist will advise you on various appropriate options when you let him/her know your preferences.

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