Tunbridge Wells Dentists Dr Nelson Poon and Dr Helen Poon
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Other Treatments

Minimally Invasive and Preventive Treatment

Our modern ethos of prevention of disease and minimally invasive treatment means that less extensive treatment is carried out when an up-to-date alternative is available.

The use of topical fluoride, sensible dietary advice and good hygiene practices make dental and gum disease far less likely. When treatment is necessary, modern adhesive dentistry is used; whereby less tooth structure is removed and tooth coloured restorative materials are bonded into place, requiring far less and in many cases removing the need for ‘drilling’ all together.

Anxious and Nervous Patients

Our patients have told us that our gentle manner, together with the time we spend on explaining and informing them fully of their dental health and treatment needs make them much more relaxed and confident that the treatment process will not be uncomfortable.

We use recognised techniques to ensure that even the most nervous patient feels much more in control. We utilise an extensive range of such techniques in order to tailor treatment to nervous individuals, so that they can calmly cope with any treatment they may need.

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Family Orientated Care

We welcome the whole family and our young patients enjoy coming to see us. With a little encouragement and sensible dietary advice, the goal of no fillings EVER is quite achievable!

For those who do need some treatment, our patience and experience allows the children to leave the practice healthy and smiling.

Committed to providing a service of the highest quality