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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment in Tunbridge Wells

Teeth that have suffered excessive decay or fracture can, over varying periods of time die off, often resulting in toothache or painful swelling.

Whilst in the past dentists were often too ready to extract such teeth, modern dental techniques allow our patients to keep such teeth with an extremely high degree of success.

Given that the treatments to replace a tooth is most usually more complex and costly than the treatment to preserve it, modern, painless Root-Canal therapy is allowing us to help patients to simply keep their own teeth where they might have lost them previously.

Root Canal Therapy involves the location of, cleaning, disinfecting, smoothing and finally, sealing of the small canals or channels within the pulp space of the tooth.

The state-of-the-art techniques that we employ means that the procedure is no longer one where patients need associate it with discomfort, but one where the experience is simply akin to that of a conventional filling.

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