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Tooth-coloured Fillings and Cosmetic Bonding

White Fillings and Cosmetic Bonding in Tunbridge Wells

Commonly referred to as ‘White’ fillings, Tooth-Coloured Composites have almost entirely replaced Silver amalgam (Mercury-containing) fillings in the modern dental practice. The latest generation composites have been shown to be as strong, if not stronger in many circumstances than the tooth structure that they replace.

Whilst patients happily appreciate the aesthetic benefits of the natural-looking fillings, dentists favour these new materials primarily because they are bonded to the tooth, resulting in a more integral and almost leakage-free restoration thus preventing the migration of bacteria between the tooth and the filling.

The composite materials that we use fit in well with our philosophy of restoring our patients’ teeth in a bio-mimetic way, to replicate as closely as possible what Nature made in the first place. Our patients are very often pleasantly surprised by how ‘invisible’ their tooth-coloured filings can be.

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