Tunbridge Wells Dentists Dr Nelson Poon and Dr Helen Poon
Calverley Dental Practice 8 Goods Station Road, Tunbridge Wells Kent TN1 2BJ
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Patient dental testimonials

“I moved away from the practice some time ago to the practice at my place of work in London, but then came back as the care/treatment was always far superior at CDP”

“Mr Poon always tries to make dentistry as painless and comfortable as possible. He takes time to make sure you feel calm and safe”

“I would recommend Calverley Dental practise to any new clients. You and your team are brilliant”

“Dr Poon is an amazing dentist whom I have recommended to friends several times over. Overall - it's a fantastic practice and I am so thankful to have found it!”

“Nelson Poon is the best dentist I’ve ever had!!”

“You have an excellent practice, the time that you take to explain what you are doing is appreciated and you are without a doubt the gentlest practitioner that I have ever visited”

“Great practice, superb dentist, I feel very fortunate to have found the practice”

“We have always appreciated the excellent treatment available at the practice and feel very confident in recommending you to friends”

“It's nearly 20 years since I first registered with the practice and without exaggeration I can say that I have seen none better. Well done Helen and all her staff”

“Just thought I'd say 'thank you' to Dr Helen. I had my teeth bonding done recently… I'm now just loving it and has given me that confidence to smile again without holding back.”

“Dear Dr. Poon.

I simply had to write to express my deep gratitude to you.
As you know, I’ve been petrified of dentists since childhood, which was based on early experiences in the days when one was expected to show that it was a question of ‘mind over matter’…

I’m absolutely thrilled with the finished result of the treatment you gave. The most important change for me is the fact that my previous confidence and self-esteem has returned and it is WONDERFUL to be able to smile again!

For me, the way you explained every detail was most reassuring. I expect it is because I’ve been a Nurse Teacher most of my professional life that I must know at every stage what is going to happen! Thank you…

I’ll never be afraid again…EVER! Of course that is due to your approach. I hope you remain at this practice for many, many years!..

…Many thanks again Dr. Poon, I’m a different person and thrilled with the result…I look and certainly feel 20 years younger!!!

Yours very sincerely,”

“Dear Dr. Poon,

I have just had my dental treatment consisting of several crowns and a root filling and would like to thank you for your professionalism towards your work as well as the way you made me feel at ease during the treatment.

Psychological scars from childhood memories of going to the dentist are often difficult to overcome, but your attitude towards me and explaining in great detail what you are doing and why has certainly helped me to overcome my fear of getting into a dentist’s chair. I used to be ‘put to sleep’ just to have a filling, but with encouragement from you and the confidence you instilled in me that things would be alright enabled me to deal with dental treatment in a more relaxed way. It may seem to you that I do jump at the slightest thing (old habits die hard!) but I can assure you that I feel a lot more confident and relaxed about having work done on my teeth. I certainly appreciate everything that you have done.

Yours sincerely,”

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