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Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease treatment and hygiene therapy in Tunbridge Wells

Gum disease is fast taking over from decay as a major cause of tooth-loss in the general population. This problem occurs as a result of bacteria, which live in the plaque and tartar deposits on the teeth, releasing toxins which damage the tooth’s supporting structures. The bone that supports the teeth shrinks back; eventually leaving loose teeth that becomes repeatedly infected and thus requiring extraction.

The disease itself is commonly symptomless and many patients are unaware that they have a problem until the condition is quite advanced. Since it is currently impossible to re-generate the jawbone, our aim is to help patients prevent the disease process rather than trying to treat the effects of bone loss.

Treatment is through careful assessment and periodic review together with regular professional de-scaling to remove the tartar, as well as helping and encouraging our patients to maintain good oral hygiene practices such as effective brushing and using various methods of cleaning in-between the teeth. In severe cases, we work with a Periodontist (gum-specialist) to deliver the best possible care to those patients who need it.

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