Bad Breath? Sore Gums? It Could Be Gum Disease

Our Tunbridge Wells dentists discuss how to restore your mouth to good health

There are a number of possible symptoms of gum disease. Whilst bad breath, or halitosis, and sore and inflamed gums are but two of these, they are two of the most obviously noticeable, and if you have these issues, then there is a very good chance that it is caused by gingivitis or worse, periodontitis.

Your gum health is important, not simply to avoid discomfort and inconvenience, but because healthy gums are the foundation of having healthy teeth. Gum disease that is left to advance, is responsible for more tooth loss than even tooth decay.

What causes gum disease

Essentially, gum disease occurs when the gingival bacteria in our mouth become out of control. This can be caused by external factors, such as dehydration, which provides a perfect breeding environment, but also poor home cleaning. Even if you brush your teeth regularly, there are parts of your teeth that the brush will not reach. As only around 20% of us actually use dental floss, it is perhaps not surprising that gum disease is fairly common.

The good (and bad) news

Providing that you have not ignored the early warning signs, there is every chance that your gum problems can be resolved. In some cases this can even be done simply by improving your home cleaning regimen.

At The Calverley Dental Practice, we strongly recommend that our patients not only see the dentist on a six monthly basis, but also our Tunbridge Wells dental hygienist. This is an easy and effective way of helping to make sure that you have a healthy mouth.

Very advanced gum disease may also be treatable; however, this is a highly invasive procedure, and one that does not guarantee success. Avoiding the problem reaching this stage is definitely preferable!

What does the dental hygienist do?

Following an examination of your gums, the hygienist may discuss ways that you can improve the health of your gums. This may involve not only discussing how to clean them better, but also lifestyle choices, such as smoking and drinking, which can have a negative impact. They will also give your teeth and gum line a ‘scale and polish’, a professional clean that removes the hardened bacteria (tartar), that accumulates in the mouth. This is virtually impossible to remove with home cleaning alone.

In addition to the knowledge that your gums are healthier following this non-invasive treatment, you may also find that your teeth both look a little whiter and feel much cleaner; a nice additional benefit to this treatment. This is because the final polish helps to remove surface staining.

If you are concerned about your gum health, or if you have never seen a dental hygienist before, we recommend that you contact The Calverley Dental Practice on 01892 543898 to arrange your appointment now.