Do You Check Your Gums?

When gum disease is present, there are often symptoms you shouldn’t ignore.

How often do you look at your gums when you clean your teeth? Many of us will take a quick look at our teeth to make sure that they look clean, but probably very few of us will also check to see how our gums look.

Whilst some symptoms of gum disease can be invisible and others more noticeable by the way that they feel, it is still worth a quick home check every now and then.

These home checks should not replace a full examination by your local Tunbridge Wells dentist or the hygienist, but could alert you to problems in between your regular visits to the Calverley Dental Practice.

Possible visible symptoms

The following are a list of possible indications of not only gum disease, but, oral cancers, whose presence may also be indicated by changes in the mouth.

Red gums – If your gums are red or inflamed, it is very possible that you have the onset of gum disease. If the redness, or inflammation, continues a few days after improving your brushing and flossing, you should arrange an appointment with our hygienist.

Bleeding gums – You may notice this when you spit after brushing your teeth, or when you floss. If your gums bleed and feel particularly sore after flossing, it may simply be that you are flossing too roughly. Try easing this, and, if the symptoms persist, contact us for an appointment.

Lumps, soreness, red or white patches of the tongue or other soft tissues – Some changes in your mouth may be caused by, for example, a rough tooth edge grazing your tongue, or perhaps you have drunk something that is much too hot? If you see changes to the soft tissue of your mouth that persist for more than a few days however, you should call us straight away. Although there may be many relatively innocent reasons for these changes, they are also possible symptoms of oral cancer. It is important that this is checked firstly by ourselves, and then, if recommended, by your GP. Early intervention generally produce the best outcomes.

Regular Ongoing Care

The recommendation to check your own gums and soft tissue from time to time is not intended to be a replacement for professional monitoring of your oral health. Our dentists and hygienists are both skilled and experienced at diagnosing oral health issues and you should make sure to see both at approximately six monthly intervals. Doing so will give you the best possible chance of having a healthy mouth throughout your life.

To make sure that your overall oral health is in good shape, why not arrange an appointment to see the dental hygienist at our Tunbridge Wells practice? Simply call the Calverley Dental Practice on 01892 543 898 and speak to our friendly receptionists who will arrange a convenient appointment for you.