Natural Looking Dental Fillings

Natural Looking Dental Fillings

White fillings and cosmetic bonding – helping to keep teeth looking great!

Very few people will go through life without the need for at least one filling. Even with the best care in the world, bacteria and acids that can lead to tooth decay will probably find a way through at one point or another.

A filling procedure is relatively minor, but the use of amalgam fillings certainly leaves its mark. Even a small cavity, when filled with this widely used material, will be noticeable when you smile, especially if used on a front tooth.

Cosmetic alternatives

At The Calverley Dental Practice in Tunbridge Wells, we offer patients an alternative to amalgam fillings in the shape of tooth coloured composites. These are used in the same way as amalgam, but offer a more aesthetically pleasing outcome. They also contain no mercury compounds, unlike amalgam. This can be a concern for some patients, despite being advised as safe when used as a component of amalgam.

Benefits of ‘white fillings’

The most obvious advantage of using this material to fill a cavity is its appearance. The filling can be made to match your natural tooth, thereby leaving it almost invisible. It is worth noting that, if you are considering having your teeth whitened, the filling will not change colour and you should discuss this with the cosmetic dentist before undergoing the procedure. Another advantage of this type of filling is that it is bonded to the tooth and therefore, it is generally unnecessary to remove as much of the natural tooth as may be the case were an amalgam filling to be used.

Larger fillings

The only real ‘downside’ to white composite fillings is that they are not quite as strong as amalgam. This should not present a problem for the majority of fillings, where the composite will provide more than adequate strength for everyday use. Where a cavity is large, or a tooth has significantly broken, this may not be the most appropriate solution. This does not mean that the use of amalgam is unavoidable when these situations arise. Crowns can be used where a tooth has broken, and onlays and inlays offer an excellent solution for large cavities, providing both strength and a natural appearance.

At Calverley Dental in Tunbridge Wells, we believe in treating our patients in as minimally invasive manner as possible. The use of cosmetically matched materials to fill a cavity is just one of the ways that we do this.

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