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Five Drinks To Avoid Or Moderate For Healthier And Nicer Looking Teeth

It isn’t just food that can affect our teeth. Drinks can have a significant impact too. When we think about tooth decay, we probably think about all the sugary foods that we eat, especially sweets which are kept in the

When (And How) To Brush Your Teeth

Getting the basics right improves your chances of having healthy teeth. You may have seen a recent newspaper article which debated whether you should clean your teeth before or after breakfast? We thought that our Tunbridge Wells patients might like

Restoring Teeth Damaged By Bruxism In Tunbridge Wells

Teeth grinding can be very destructive habit! A lot of people will probably claim that they do not grind their teeth. However, an inspection by our Tunbridge Wells dentist may well reveal that they do! The fact is that only

Maintaining A Healthy Mouth When Illness Strikes

Don’t let colds and flu be an excuse to neglect your teeth and gums. Like elsewhere in the country, some residents of Tunbridge Wells are feeling the effects of the aggressive flu strain that seems to be sweeping the UK.

Avoiding Dental Cavities

Some simple changes to your lifestyle could minimise the need for dental treatment. At The Calverley Dental Practice, we are firm believers in preventative dental care for the whole family. Whilst the dentists at our Tunbridge Wells clinic are usually

Merry Xmas From Our Tunbridge Wells Dentists

Seasonal advice on looking after your teeth. Christmas is coming and it probably won’t only be the goose that puts on a few extra pounds at this time of the year! Whilst we might overindulge a little over the holidays,

Good Dental Care Begins At Home

hygienist in Tunbridge Wells

But should always be supported by visits to our Tunbridge Wells dental practice! In today’s blog, we are going back to the very basics of good quality oral health care. Although there are many excellent cosmetic and general dental procedures

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