Month: March 2018

Are You A Suitable Candidate For Dental Implants?

Teeth replacement options for our Tunbridge Wells patients. Dental implant placement has grown rapidly in recent years and is now recognised as one of the best methods for replacing a missing tooth. The success rate is very high, and well-maintained

Five Drinks To Avoid Or Moderate For Healthier And Nicer Looking Teeth

It isn’t just food that can affect our teeth. Drinks can have a significant impact too. When we think about tooth decay, we probably think about all the sugary foods that we eat, especially sweets which are kept in the

When (And How) To Brush Your Teeth

Getting the basics right improves your chances of having healthy teeth. You may have seen a recent newspaper article which debated whether you should clean your teeth before or after breakfast? We thought that our Tunbridge Wells patients might like

Put A Spring In Your Step With A Smile Makeover

Put those winter blues behind you and look forward to the spring. Although it may not seem much like it, given the recent Siberian style weather, Spring is apparently just around the corner! At this time of the year, many

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