Month: December 2017

Merry Xmas From Our Tunbridge Wells Dentists

Seasonal advice on looking after your teeth. Christmas is coming and it probably won’t only be the goose that puts on a few extra pounds at this time of the year! Whilst we might overindulge a little over the holidays,

Is Snoring Affecting Your Health?

Although sometimes discussed in a humorous manner, snoring can affect our health. We have all seen the sketches on TV, where someone falls asleep snoring because the other person is boring them, or someone can’t get to sleep because of

How Do Dental Implants Work?

The secret to the success of this increasingly popular tooth replacement method. For many years, dentures had the monopoly when it came to replacing missing teeth. This was all well and good, certainly when you consider that dentures were improving

Bad Breath? Sore Gums? It Could Be Gum Disease

Our Tunbridge Wells dentists discuss how to restore your mouth to good health There are a number of possible symptoms of gum disease. Whilst bad breath, or halitosis, and sore and inflamed gums are but two of these, they are

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