Month: November 2017

The Various Benefits Of Straighter Teeth

Orthodontics can help you with more than just a nice smile! There is little doubt that most people have their teeth straightened in order to improve their smile. A nice straight, white set of teeth is something that many of

Coping With Your Fear Of The Dentist

Managing dental anxiety in Tunbridge Wells. It is thought that around 10% of the UK population suffer from odontophobia, a significant fear of the dentist. This does not necessarily mean that they are afraid of any pain they might feel,

Have You Stopped Smoking?

If so, now is the time to restore your mouth to good health. If you have been a regular smoker, there is a good chance that it will have had an adverse impact on your mouth. We hope that you

Convenient, Safe Teeth Whitening For Tunbridge Wells Patients

A simple yet effective route to a brighter smile! Of all the cosmetic dental procedures that are now available, teeth whitening is probably the one that is the most familiar to people. The ‘Hollywood Smile’ is now well known through

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