Month: October 2017

Good Dental Care Begins At Home

hygienist in Tunbridge Wells

But should always be supported by visits to our Tunbridge Wells dental practice! In today’s blog, we are going back to the very basics of good quality oral health care. Although there are many excellent cosmetic and general dental procedures

Looking After Your New Dental Implants

Some helpful aftercare advice from our Tunbridge Wells dental team. Our recent blog discussing the benefits of dental implants to replace missing teeth seems to have sparked some interest. One aspect of this treatment that we only briefly looked at

Helping To Keep Young Teeth Filling Free In Tunbridge Wells

How your children can keep their teeth strong and healthy. A commonly asked question by patients who are new mums, concerns when they should first bring their new child to our Tunbridge Wells dental surgery. There is no hard and

Straightening Your Teeth With The Inman Aligner

Five reasons why this modern brace system is so popular. Teeth can become uneven and crooked in many different ways. Where all of the teeth need to be straightened, this can involve quite a lengthy process due to the difficulty

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